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as mattjohnsonva said, nothing wrong with that setup and in his and my first post the client is touchy about bad packets. there is a steady...rumor? that sto doesn't like wireless much either. all that may have been made worse by whatever the recent patches did.

besides what mattjohnsonva stated, turn off on demand patching in options, reverify files, and if possible try a wired connection. while wireless may not be the primary issue, it may be enough of one that changing to wired would allow the client to run. none of that may help until devs get around to making the client less phobic about how it sends/receives info.

personal note: pretty much identical to how i have my system setup (excluding hardware), except i've run into mmo's before that don't like wireless connections so gaming machines are always wired.
Hi deadspacex64,

I have not tried playing the game until yesterday evening (GMT around 7PM ish), patched the game to its latest update from last thursday. Strangely enough it never once crashed on me until around half past midnight, So I got a solid 5 hours on the game with no problems, no rubber banding and more importantly no crashing. No settings were changed at all, both in the game and with my PC.

I had previously tried some of your suggestions, re-verifying files and turning off the on-demand patching and that made no difference to the issue I was having before last night when it worked flawlessley. Running a wired connection is impossible for me as the router and modem is in another room.

With all that said, I thought after last night that the problem had gone away on its own or the latest patch might have sorted it (doubtful since I looked at the patch notes and did not mention any fixes for crashing or server stability), however I came onto the game this morning around 11AM GMT and got about 45 mins and it crashed again. Been reloading the game constantly since then and its like it was before yesterday evening.

I am definately convinced that it is something to do with the server, possibly an intermittent problem, my theory being that it might be related to the time I play the game and traffic. I intend to try playing again at the same time as yesterday to see if it keeps crashing again and try to post and update.

Just to add, I have also tried adjusting some of the troubleshooting options in the graphics tab of the in-game options and none of those made any difference. I have also tried changing instances to ones with the least number of players in every location I go in the game to reduce the chances of crashing due to server load, no luck with that either.

Edited to add: tried playing at the same time as sunday night last night and it was crashing constantly again.

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