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So you think everyone should play on equal terms? Same ships, same skills, same abilities... Well, that doesn't sound like a game I would want to play. Sounds two-dimensional and flat.

Why minor advantages? Why not major? The greater the advantage, the better, as long as there are advantages available for everyone. Being forced to choose between advantages is one of the major skill requirements in all mmos. It's basically more than half the game. This is one of the main arenas where you can put your gameplay experience and skill to use, to make your ship better suited for the next match.

If you want a game where only your actual finger movements during combat decides the outcome, maybe a FPS game would be better suited? I for one prefer a more complex game. The more complex the game, the higher the skill requirement becomes, and the more you have to plan and think to be able to excel. If we had 50 space traits, all of them extremely powerful in their own way, choosing your skill, and playing your traits to your advantage would be an immense challenge!
It's over-focused, imo. It caters to the min-max crowd. You're more likely to build a FotM two dimensional character because that's what's hawt at the moment.

If it's more about nuances - minor advantages - you're likely to see more diversity.

If the argument is for a plethora of major advantages that are balanced - you're still going to end up with cookie cutter builds. Because players are players - they will min/max, realize that even though some "things" are balanced on a spreadsheet... in actual play, there's going to be something that does better for what they're trying to do - and - things will go unused.

If things offer minor advantages - nuances - then the player's knowledge and ability to use that knowledge will shine through. Somebody might fly X ship instead of Y ship and actually beat Y ship instead of requiring Y ship to beat Y ship.

I've never been a fan of rock scissors paper. Player A's screwed because they brought rock and the other guy brought paper. But hey, they'll be okay as long as they face the guy that brought scissors.

How about while paper might be able to cover rock - rock's pretty damn tough and can smash through paper. Yeah, rock can smash scissors - but scissors can be pretty nimble and chisel away at rock. Yeah, scissors can cut paper - but paper's smart, can get in there, and jam up the scissors so they can't cut.

Yeah, I'm just not a fan of the standard rock scissors paper game...