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Originally Posted by sophlogimo View Post
I wonder if there are fleets out there who actually can and will do the Starbase Defense fleet action with a full crew of 20 of their own...
The 12th Fleet does, though not really regularly. I've been in on it a couple times, another couple where we picked up a few outsiders, and several where we didn't have a full group (but still did better than your average queue pug).

Anyway, there are several fleets in the 400 range, but you'd be surprised just how little of an advantage they have. We've got a couple people over 1 million on the leaderboard, about a dozen over 500k, and by 20th place you're already around 200k. We're at about 80k/65k/53k, everything in tier 3. That's only about 20 projects above where you are for a fleet over 25 times as large. Being big helps with fleet marks, dilithium, and cheap-but-tedious things like data samples and commodities. But it doesn't help as much with doffs, and it doesn't help at all with the timers.