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Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
It's over-focused, imo. It caters to the min-max crowd. You're more likely to build a FotM two dimensional character because that's what's hawt at the moment.
but no... Strong traits are medecine against flavor of the month builds. Strong trais will make it profitable to go with your strengths, in spite of something being popular. Sure, if the FotM stays static for months and years, every new toon will end up with the same traits, but traits are usually picked on creation based on the current FotM, and hence be different every month (roughly).

The current situation is that all characters created by serious pvp'ers the last two years have the two useful traits. On top of that, the two cancel each other out, meaning that the only ones suffering are the pugs who didn't know these two traits were the only ones worth taking... :/

Originally Posted by sophlogimo View Post
I have long been saying that everybody should have both 4 ground and 4 space traits. If that was the case, then slightly buffing the other space traits would certainly be the way to go, while not ruining the fun for more ground-oriented species like Gorn or even the 2-ground-trait native Klingons.
I also have a Gorn, and I would be be positive to the devs locking the traits to 2-ground 2-space.