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10-08-2012, 06:51 AM
ok I will give it to you that the Gal-R has some failings that need to be addressed but after reading through the entire topic here there are some that say its fine while others think it needs help.... I will just stay out of that argument since Im still figuring out my Gal-R, on the Subject of the Nebula it is Partially about the gear... you need to select the proper gear for what you are trying to do..... the look on someones face as I come about and drop a couple tricobalt mines as I turn in to engage... lighting someone up then hitting them and thier friends with Isometric Charge

Im telling you these universal consoles you can get now give you more viable options to make any ship work in a way you would like to see....

so I will agree that it is partially about the gear but I would also like to point out that the correct gear for your build coupled with player skill goes a LONG way.... I have the ability to mix and match all of the STF gear on my ship but have found that for now the Polarized Disruptors coupled with the Complete Omega Mk XII set, is a pretty nasty setup for anyone out there..... so to sum up... yes it's about gear, yes it's about the build (personal skills, BOFF abilities) and yes it's about player skill... add all three of those together and you CAN find a winning combination that works for your individual playstyle