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Originally Posted by nagorak View Post
The trouble is that on ground maps you can't tell which actor is what rank. For example, in a captain group, one of the NPCs is the captain, and the others are lower rank. So, if you want the captain to be your "big bad guy", you need to know which to change. It used to be you could tell from the order they were listed, but now it's alphabetical instead. You can sort of tell by where they are standing, but that is much more awkward and doesn't help if you move them around to a different formation (granted, you can set the NPCs before moving them).

With space it's the same problem, except you need to know which ships spawn depending on the number of players. That's based on this: But you need to know what actor number you're dealing with, in order to set them properly.
couldn't you just name each actor A,B,C,D etc and if the captain rank is actor named C for example then just redo actor C to be your big boss? I know it's messing around's an idea.