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10-08-2012, 07:20 AM
I would also like to note that these are examples of what a supposedly poor excuse for a science ship can do... to all of you Doubting Thomases try this spec your captain for it, then choose accordingly for your BOFFS and arm yourself with one of the most annoyingly funny builds for STF's and PVP.... (just by switching out a BOFF here and there)

for those that say this is a poor excuse for a science vessel all I am going to say is tell me WHY its a poor excuse you want to make a point to me show me the numbers make a case for a better ship to use or kindly shut up... the Fleet Advanced Research Vessel is possibly the BEST Science ship in the game Second only to the Temporal Science Vessel, if you doubt me then get a fleet Nebula and use the second build I posted in PVP and tell me what you think... but be careful the second build is not for the inexperienced player