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Originally Posted by freedumb4eva View Post
All of those abilities are Sci... thereby still forcing Sci onto teams. As I said, there are no other options for other Captains available to get around the mitigation, and that's bad design. Except, of course, the grotesque buff stripping DOFF.
If you can't see how in an MMO, forcing people to run "Balanced" teams, is Ideal then maybe pvp gaming isn't for you.

There is no mmo in existence where you can run a High End team without taking some kind of CC specialists, Healers, or damage dealers. And don't say "mechwarrior" because there, you better take a balanced set of mechs into combat, lest you either lose all ability to deal credible damage (because you took too many light mechs), lose all forms of mobility, and thus the ability to defend your base, or mount an effective offense (because you took too many Assaults), or lose because you don't have proper fire support (heavies).

MMOs need balance team loadouts to be not only viable, but the strongest option to go with. If you don't, you end up with a Bargain Bin Title.