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Flekh is right. Cruisers aren't broken. Just used wrong. I never thought I would be saying this until last night when I finally broke down and got myself the Oddy 3 pack. Got in the tac oddy, put on saucer sep, and went for a shakedown cruise. A few stfs later and lots of MAJOR surprise on my part, I was taken. Cruisers can put out decent dps. I have proven this time and time again with my AC after I did some modifications to it's BOff layout and DOffs. I also changed my playstyle a little and stopped doing long range bombardment and closed in to around 4-6k. I also changed my positioning so that I could keep all my weapons on target. Basic things I should have done to begin with.

I re-applied this learning to the Odyssey Tac Cruiser, and then as soon as I hit saucer sep, it was insane. I was EASILY, and I say again EASILY maintaining 900-1100 per shot. PER SHOT. Even with all my arrays firing I never dropped below 700 per shot. And if I hit EPtW, I never dropped below 100 power (except once and that was because I got hit by a polaron proc) and with EPtW active I consistently was hitting 1000-1300 per shot (with AP:B and TT active, YES, THE TT MATTERS). Sufficed to say, I think my weapons power was around 160 with EPtW active, and around 140 without it. Throw in saucer sep it went up to 150 without EPtW, and with EPtW, 170. My dps was around 5k easiliy. EASILY. Which I find to be a mite distressing since before my DPS was only around 3500.

But flekh is right. Cruisers can put out some pretty heavy dps and still be tanky as balls. My oddy's shields almost never went down, even with saucer sep active, and when they did, the stupid thing just would not die (something about 50k hp with reinforced armor). So I will say that yes, if you don't get certain cruisers and just use the free ones, you will be a little weaker. But that's the name of the game. As was pointed out, P2W. I paid. And am now able to win a little better (and believe me, that 50 bucks hurt lol...). However the really amazing part that had me blown away was the fact I was able to put out those kinds of numbers and was STILL ABLE TO HEAL AND TANK. It's crazy. But true.

So it's not a learn to play really. Me saying that would probably make me throw up as I typed it. But it's more of a learn what is proven to work, and then change it and make it your own without losing the main "MAKES IT WORK" part. I did that. I looked up what worked, modified it to match me, and then used it. And it worked. And everyone who says the Oddy sucks, you can blow it out your rear, that thing is amazing.
Wow, never seen (or thought I'd see) that on this board.
First, ditching the immature font and now finally getting what we've been explaining all along? I'm impressed. Shame it took 20+ pages, but it's a start.

That's the thing: Cruisers can achieve ~75% the DPS of an Escort while retaining ~250% survivability; and then on the boards threads flourish labelling the Cruiser UP? Or the Escort OP? Makes no sense.
These threads always focus on part of the factors:
- whine about CRF3, conveniently forget ASIF3 (srsly, that thing is huge)
- whine about (and overinflate) the Defense bonus, conveniently forget Hull strength (example: my Bortas has just shy of 60k Hull. Could actually get more than 60k with another Deflector)
- whine about Arrays being weaker than DHCs, conveniently forget you can have 8 on Target at once, compared to only 4 DHCs
Of course, when you remove all the factors that make Cruisers shine, they don't shine anymore.

And this is not helpful either, I suggested also in the same post a slightly lower firing arc which says you are only looking at my suggested damage figures, DBBs are impractical on your average cruiser anyway due to their arc.

I also specifically asked that you should play with my figures to make them more viable if you feel that they aren't, I'm suggesting figures for people to debate, play with but more importantly making them work within the current game system, if you think the suggested damage is too high for the arc then by all means suggest a smaller damage figure and or a smaller arc, I'm not saying that cruisers should be as powerful as escorts, heck they aren't capable of it even with a tac at the helm, what I am suggesting is that we should raise their damage a little.
So, what you want are weapons with a lower firing arc than Arrays but higher than DBBs and preferably access to CRF&CSV?

Those exist.