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Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post
So a grand total of 64 points if you add all the +16s together. Thats misleading and makes the PL sound far worse than it is.

If one is skilled in Power insulators the drain from PL is almost nonexistant and balances out to being equal to the power gains of the MACO for the user.
No it makes it sound as powerful as it actually is. Its not like only weapon power or shield power benefits you. Every ship enjoys high power levels in every subsystem.

You are saying if a person is specced to resist power drains (not a certainty) then they can negate the drain aspect by using the MACO shield. Ok. Maybe. So how does that person with the MACO shield negate the 64 extra power the klingon gets?

The 2 effects of the leech console are OP individually. Together there is no justification for it. Anyone who disagrees is simply not willing to accept the truth.

+64 total power settings is the equivalent of 16 engineering consoles. Thats like getting a tac console that does +480% energy weapon damage. No one could look at that and not see its overpowered.

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