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Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
An Alien has the following choices.


Accurate, Astrophysicist, Efficient Captain, Elusive, Techie, Warp Theorist


Acute Senses, Aggressive, Cold Blooded, Covert, Creative, Lucky, Mental Discipline, Natural Immunities, Peak Health, Physical Strength, Resilient, Soldier, Stubborn, Sturdy, Sure Footed, Telekinetic, and Telepathic

That's 6 Space and 17 Ground.

Yes, there are more than 8 traits to select. There are only 6 Space though.

You're championing that a player not have to sacrifice anything (ie Ground) by going 4 Space. They'd take the 4 Space they do now and pick up 4 Ground.

It's munchkin gaming.

I laughed like most when Tim Allen would grunt and add more power to something. I don't laugh when games go munchkin's tedious and boring, imo.
Who cares about Ground? Seriously. Your Spec matters far more than your trait selection does. A space toon will even post f2p still Blow Ass on the ground. A ground toon will still Suckith The Big One in Space.

Honestly the idea that forcing people to spend 60k min on the ground would "normalize" pvp builds was a laughable one. I told them that before I left last year in October, alot of us did. And guess what they did? Did it anyway saying we were wrong, and lo and behold we were right. Not only were we right, they in addition never fixed the now Broken Trait System.

The thing having 4 space traits and 4 ground on All toons would fix is the massive Failing cryptic did of several races by giving them forced lolground traits. The most optimal race is Alien or Joined Trill. In the case of the former you skin it to resemble the race you want to be and give it the good traits. Really there's no point what so ever in picking anything else.

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