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10-08-2012, 11:04 AM
Originally Posted by seekerkorhil View Post
No it makes it sound as powerful as it actually is. Its not like only weapon power or shield power benefits you. Every ship enjoys high power levels in every subsystem.

You are saying if a person is specced to resist power drains (not a certainty) then they can negate the drain aspect by using the MACO shield. Ok. Maybe. So how does that person with the MACO shield negate the 64 extra power the klingon gets?

The 2 effects of the leech console are OP individually. Together there is no justification for it. Anyone who disagrees is simply not willing to accept the truth.

+64 total power settings is the equivalent of 16 engineering consoles. Thats like getting a tac console that does +480% energy weapon damage. No one could look at that and not see its overpowered.
The drain isn't that powerful. Anyone who PvPs should be spec'ing into power insulators regardless if there was a Plas Leech console or not. Most builds should be using plas leech themselves or MACO or any other of the many ways to gain power.

The gain is OP, it's been nearly a year now since it's been pointed out.

But so's a bunch of other crap in the game including the MACO shield (high cap, high regen, resiliant, 10% resists, not to mention the power gain when being shot). If you want OP lets talk about Aux2Batt w/Doff and it's 30% reduction of Boff recharges AND the huge power gain from Aux powers (potentionally even bigger than Plas Leech gain). How bout any of the Lotto ships (not even including the newest batch of lolz). Fed Fleet scorts? KDF Fleet Torkaht? Carrier Debuff Pets being better than Sci Boff debuffs? Crappy Eng Captain roles, bad Sci drain/shield stripping Boffs, OP Drain Doff abilities, +hull consumables etc.

Really we could go on for a long time. The imbalance isn't going to change even if you just removed plas leech. It seems self serving tbh to only bring up the one small aspect of a much bigger problem. Also, if you're going to use the +64 you should mention it's out of ~500 potential power (125x4) for proper context.