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Thank you, ghosty and to everyone else who contributed their comments. This is truly amazing stuff and I feel like I'm back in school jamming for an exam (and that was a looong time ago). The game dynamics take on a fresh perspective and I begin to understand why PvPers sometimes seem like they're talking about a whole different game in these forums. Some questions, if you don't mind.

1. Since I have no skill points allocated to Attack Patterns will my use of Attack Pattern Delta 1 be of material assistance to the team? An alternative, proposed by guriphu, might be the use of Dispersal Pattern Beta 1 and even add a second trico mine launcher.

2. I see what you did by deleting all skill points from Projectile Weapons and replacing the Trico torpedo with a 7th BA. That was very smart. However, in my limited experience even with Weapon power level at 100+ seven BAs broadside power drops significantly (I don't remember the numbers but I think it was 70-). Or is it that since the Odyssey turns like a brick broadside attacks won't happen very often anyway in PvP?

3. Are Phased Tetryons really better than Phasers in PvP? In STFs I found my Phased Tetryon BAs worked slower then my plain Phasers not only on ships with shields but on transformers, generators and nanite probes, and it took a lot longer to gain aggro. You are also suggesting replacing one of my two Tetryon tac consoles with the Borg console. I know cruisers aren't the main damage dealers in PvP but at what point should I start worrying about causing any meaningful damage?

4. Instead of two HE1s would I be better off using a second TT; or maybe even PH1 since I don't have any skill points in Inertial Dampeners? Should I even care if I get TB'ed since it's my squishier teammates that need protection from being held? Edit: Seeing guriphu's comment above, maybe replace it with ST1?

5. Should I be concerned about not having RSP or do my BFI DOFFS effectively act as replacement rsp?

6. Should I replace the order of ES3 with AuxSIF2? I have an Aux3 BOFF.

7. Do Maintenance Engineers definitively reduce ET's recharge timer or is it a % chance like Damage Control Engineers? I only have 2 Blues atm, will that do for now?

I hope you realize these questions are not expressing doubt rather I'm just trying to understand the game better. Thanks so much for taking the time to explain all this to me!
1: Even with no ranks it still adds a 22 to damage resistance IIRC Fully specced it becomes 28. If possible I would find the points to get Attack Patterns ranked though.

2: Well if you have your weapon power set so that with EPTW1 going to go Over Cap your energy drain will not be as much of an issue. I always also crank my EPS Power to myself.

3: I don't think they are really. I prefer pure Tetryon, or pure Phasers to either because you get 3 properties for the weapon vs 2.

4: I always cycle 2 HE1s on my heal boats. As a healer on a Skilled team, if a panick situation happens like me suddenly being focuse,d it's honestly the job of your allies to put you back together. Everyone chips in, in healing in sto. Or should on a given Skilled Team. in a pug, that's when I crank RSF, and possibly Tac Team.

5: Well if you start carrying the extend shield doff, honestly I've found I don't need RSP. Between that doff, BFI, MW (I often will use it as a shield filler), and RSF things don't scare me as much.

6: ASIF2 boff is okay, ASIF3 is even better. Most of the time when I run ES I only run ES2. So yeah you could swap them out.

7: Flat Reduction. Blue and purple will get you into ETs global. Yeah blues can work till you can score a single purple.

No problem. I enjoy when people ask alot of questions. Sometimes it causes me to rethink something, and then I learn or relearn something I forgot in the process