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Originally Posted by bubblygumsworth View Post
There is a daily mission.
No, there is a mission that comes when the moon is in the Eighth House of Aquarius, "daily" would imply its available daily ... its not.

There were 7-10 ships in two separate instances that we could get in to.

You cannot farm Dilithium were none is awarded, you cannot even farm items in Ker'rat without having to move your butt and try to rank.

I know a far more optional way to gain Dilithium that Ker'rat that does involve some work and cooperation of another player, besides due to the closed system Dilithium is worthless for farmers because its not as they can trade it, sure they can buy things on the Store but STO is very unattractive to actual Farmers because you cannot really make a buck out of it due to most of the currency being a closed system and the relative worthless of EC.

You never know, the other instances could have been full of them.
They can sit all day there and gain no Dilithium, Ker'rat is pretty much dead unless you KDF were THEN I could understand why AFKing since KDF still have Daily missions concerning Ker'rat but Fed? not anymore and been that way for months.