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10-08-2012, 11:40 AM
Not true - there is a daily 1440 mission for Fed in the lower ranks in Ker'rat

You need to do 3 run throughs - and you can sit at the spawn and go away from you computer for 30 min and come back and if it was busy all 3 runs have been done and you can claim your dilth.

I know i have done it a few times on my current leveling toon and the one before that a week ago. I don't bother if there are not a bunch of others there because it would take forever and really I am more interested in the Xp than the dilth because I can't stand doing missions for the nth time.

It is great at level 9 you can que the mission - get enough xp to hit lvl 10 - que the mission for the 10-20 range and then sit there and get all 6 runs done in 3 because both counters are running.

The thing is you can't do this kind of thing forever - because every time you claimed a mission to get the dith you would keep leveling until 50 when the 1440's stop - or it could stop at lvl 40 i am not sure. So you would have to create endless amounts of characters to be worthwhile.

if someone is opening up 20 accounts and doing it then yes that is a big problem

Edit : Also this is not like going afk in an STF - most people are there to get purple items - you do that on your own by having the highest score - if I was there and there to get a console or weapon or something I would hope that the rest be afk or busy fighting as i could get the hishest score and the best loot.

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