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Originally Posted by lianthelia View Post
Well used to be the Ning'tao, anywhoo...I want to fly a bop...since I'm not a bop expert I'm afraid might be to squishy. But I'm not a huge fan of the Hoh'SuS, its the ugliest bop by far imo. I suppose best just to stick with a Hegh'ta and see how things go over time.

I wish the would make a Fleet Hegh'ta, maybe make it the heavy bop and a little bit more hull and shields than the Hoh'SuS...or maybe a Kvort.

'cause the Hose-us was an afterthought that got advanced along the same dev-thinking as the Aquarius, rather than, you know, a design someone actually thought about for more than five minutes on the toilet after watching an eighties era Zoids marathon.