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Originally Posted by cooperblack1 View Post
MACO shields does add 10 to each power level giving it a potential + 40 to all power levels in all.

Still Plasmonic Leech can give you 64 with a possible - 64 to your enemy's power levels for a possible total of 128 in differential.

And i still ask is this balanced in a game where you otherwise have to nickle and dime your powerlevels?

Is the stacking a necessary feature in these two items?
If you think you need to nickle and dime your power levels you don't really understand the game yet. It's stupidly easy to run at 125 across the board as other people have pointed out in this thread.

This -64 total drain also assumes no skill in power insulators. Given that it's such a low tier skill there's no excuse for not protecting yourself.
Originally Posted by seekerkorhil View Post
Lol sure.

Leech console: -32 total power settings to your opponent (halved the value for resistances) AND +64 total power settings to yourself.

MACO shields: +40 total power settings to yourself.

Yeah. Those 2 effects are clearly balanced. LOL.

And don't go pretending the MACO requirement that you get shot is easier to fill than you simply having to fire your weapons. You know thats bull.
Stop, take a breath, and listen to what I'm about to say. You are making a completely false comparison. You are ignoring that the MACO +40 to power settings comes as a bonus on a really, really good shield. High cap and resilient, these two things are already powerful, plus a 10% resist on damage to the shield. Then you're throwing a power level bonus on top of it. The leech comes at the cost of a console. Turn rate, armor, shield cap, energy specific tac console; one has to be traded to get this effect. 5% hull dr when your shields are up is huge, so please, take this into account if you want to pretend you are concerned with balance.

Leech has a cost and a counter. It's fine as is.

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