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Originally Posted by rrincy View Post
an insidious plot against the empire indeed
Its for their own good anyway! In the future its discovered prolonged exposure to cloak made Klingon foreheads extra wrinkly!

As far as what's been said in thins thread... I think it'll be a regular +1 ship. A T5 in other words. I also think they will add a fleet version that needs a T5 starbase.

It might also be a destroyer. At first I thought "Destroyer" was what Escorts were called in the MU, but i hear that's also the class for the new 1000 day vet ships... so now I think they just made a new class.... an Escort with a little something extra lol. Not sure WHAT that little extra is in the Mobius though, I had assumed it was built as a contemporary to the armitage, trading a fighter bay for extra durability, but now i'm not so sure. Unless the Armitage is really a destroyer too, which would make sense.

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