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10-08-2012, 01:12 PM
The discussion makes me think of the following scene at a toy store...

Mother: You can pick one toy.
Child: But mommy!
Mother: Just one.
Child: I want two.
Mother: One.
Child: No.
Mother: Okay then.
Child: What?
Mother: You get none.
Child: No!
Mother: You had your chance.
Child: I want one.
Mother: Which one?
Child: This one.
Mother: And?
Child: Thank you.
Mother: You're welcome.

Some people went through that as a child and learned about having to make choices. Some people did not.

edit: BTW, this is not calling anybody childish - it's just the earliest example of "choice" that I can think of...cake or pie for dessert was another.

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