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Originally Posted by marc8219 View Post
Another thing to keep in mind when choosing a z-store escort is that all 3 of those have better Fleet versions that only cost 1 fleet ship module if you already have the z-store version.

Fleet defiant gets 1 more tac console and is unlocked at t3 shipyard

Fleet Advanced escort (multivector) gets 1 more tac console too and is unlocked at t4 shipyard

Fleet heavy escort carrier gets 1 more eng console but is unlocked at t5 shipyard so long ways away

all fleet versions get increased hull/shields also.
I rank the ships utility the same way cryptic does it seems. The HEC effectively gets to use one of the best skills the MVAE gets (Tractor Beam) on top of already being just about equal. It far outpaces the other 3 Escorts if you want to PvP. If you factor out how imbalanced Danubes are each then ship has its merits.

Personally, I enjoy the utility in the MVAE. There is nothing like picking up a PUG STF and carrying it on your back. The ability to Gravity Well and do mad dps is invaluable.