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10-08-2012, 03:01 PM
I understand your frustration. I have seen this before, even having some rocket scientists start dropping the shields on the generators while we were still clearing the borg...right on top of us no less. This always causes a failed optional, and more often than not, people getting killed thanks to the spawn ins.

There really doesn't need to be any new drastic mechanic added. Although maybe having the control room be inaccessible while there are any drones alive in the generator room, would be a possible solution.

Reporting people for a properly functioning game mechanic is futile and silly. Although, in my experience, trying to explain to people, or get them out of the control room, can be frustrating.

If you can get the others on your team to cooperate, you can always either join the offender in the control room and have a dance party until they leave....or just back out into the entryway and wait.

For people that run into the control room immediately, you are not being helpful, nor useful. Clear the room with the generators of all borg first, then you can press buttons...and use the extend shields function of the shield control. If you do not know how to extend the shield shutoff, don't go into the control room.

Forgot to mention: this is in regards to the STF Khitomer Accord Ground (Elite)


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