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Originally Posted by rodentmaster View Post
I didn't know what OP meant until the last line you typed. I didn't really think of that as "the control room" lol

Can somebody explain how to extend the shields? I've only done control room once, but nobody else has ever extended shields that I can see. It's almost always a mad rush to kill it before shields rebuild.
This last room is where some tactics are necessary. This is where the optional objective of destroying the two IMRs (Isolinear Molecular Reconverter) takes place. First, the entire team should clear out the room of any Borg. There are three floors so make sure you get all of the Borg. Next, one person (we will call the Loner) should use the transporter in the center of the room (near the entrance) to transport to another room. Here the Loner will have to disable the shields of the six power nodes.
The rest of the team should go to one of the power nodes (there is one on the left and one on the right of each platform) and listen to what the Borg voice says. It will say something like "Intruder in Alpha 1". The Loner will need to activate symbols on the center console. For Alpha 1 you will activate Symbol 1 and Symbol A. The team can also call out which one they are at (i.e. A1 or 1A for Alpha 1).I suggest doing it in this order:
  • Lower Level - Right
  • Lower Level - Left
  • Middle Level - Right
  • Middle Level - Left
  • Upper Level - Right
  • Upper Level - Left.
As soon as the shields drop around the node, the team of 4 people will attack and destroy it. IGNORE the Borg that beam in. Even after the node is destroyed, just ignore them. Run to the next power node and repeat until all 6 are destroyed. I can't stress this enough, if you want to get the optional objective you will need to ignore the Borg.

source (; faster to just link it here then type it out.. but thats the gen plan for both Normal and Elite versions.
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