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I didn't know what OP meant until the last line you typed. I didn't really think of that as "the control room" lol

Can somebody explain how to extend the shields? I've only done control room once, but nobody else has ever extended shields that I can see. It's almost always a mad rush to kill it before shields rebuild.

When you trigger the shield power loss on a generator, you will see four drones spawn on one of the six pylons in the room...that pylon will become interact-able after a certain amount of damage has been done to the respective generator. Once you can interact with it, an interaction dialog will appear to the effect of [extend shield power cutoff] or something like that. Hitting that will extend the duration of the time the shield is down, making it easier to blow up the generator.

The pylons (shield controls) are arranged in the control room as follows (from your view as you beam in):

B3 = Back right
A3 = Back left
B2 = Middle right
A2 = Middle left
B1 = Top right
A1 = Top left

(this is the order that 99% of all groups use)

When trying to trigger the shield extension, the borg spawns will try to stop you. These are the normal drones, and don't do a whole lot of damage, though they do have a high knockdown rate. Ideally you should have a knockdown/knockback effect ready when you run to the pylon to trigger the shield extension, so that the drones won't be able to interrupt you from triggering the extension.

These spawns are easy to kill, though it's a waste of time to do so. People should be running from one generator to the next (AND NOT PLAYING WITH THE FREAKING DRONE SPAWNS), and you should be ready to activate the next shield cutoff immediately when they arrive (there will be an voice warning letting you know when someone has entered the designated generator zone).

Once the genrators are destroyed, you may find that the drones are milling about the master may have to clear a few in order to be able to activate the transport.

The people dpsing the generators should have someone running to the first IMR in the hallway, in case you get stuck with having clear away the master control (I also have encountered a strange camera bug, that happens when beaming back that locks the camera view to the side and won't move for like 30 or more seconds.)

After the IMRs are blown, the rest is pretty simple.

An alternate and more efficient pathing for the generator dps group, is A3, B3, B2, A2, B1, A1...this reverses the order of the first two generators, and makes it easier to get to B2 since the distance from B3 is shorter, and doesn't expose you to the possible roots from both groups as you head up the ramp. Though for this method to work (like any other) people need to know the plan ahead of time.

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