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10-08-2012, 05:41 PM
As mentioned above, using the left, right, center (middle) method of clearing when you enter is the most effective. It will dictate what spawns where.

I usually play KDF, but when I am using a tactical captain, I like to use a high density beam rifle as a primary weapon (with the honor guard weapon as offhand). The beam rifle is a long range weapon with a 100% chance at +25 repel. This will allow you to launch any borg on the corner platforms into the plasma with ease. Pulsewaves have a 66% chance for knockback, which make them inferior to the beam rifle for the purpose of shooting the borg into the plasma

I have found that when using the LRC/LRM method, that after the last generator is disabled, that jumping to the front right platform is a fairly easy way to control what spawns on you. Since the front right should be respawning about the time the generator in the center is blown. When they do, you have a window of opportunity to shoot them off the platform using the beam rifle, into the plasma. With this platform cleared, you can just use this platform to shoot "becky" from. Just remember to keep your distance from the center platform right side spawn.

Fire team kit is pretty good. I usually use the squad leader kit though, since I usually don't draw aggro from the tactical drones with the team heal and having damage resistance for when I do get shot at is always a good thing.

Though bear in mind...your mileage may vary, not every method may work for you.