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10-08-2012, 06:44 PM
IMO RSP is a wasted boff slot. You are far better off taking EPTS2 or EPTS3. Not only do these heal shields, what they do is REDUCE incoming damage by upping your damage resisy +30% for the full 30 second duration.

EPTS3 adds 18 shield regeneration, +36 power to shields (which if it puts you over 100 power to shields total does more than 4x shield regen based on power bank alone), repairs disabled shields, and reduces damage by 30% for 30 seconds.

Compare this to TSS which people gush about -- TSS3 adds 500 shield regeneration for 15 seconds and only reduces damage 15% (TSS3). It does NOT add to shields power bank, so you gain nothing from running high shields power. This is where the difference is made. Much like the difference between running weapons at 50 vs weapons at 125, it really does make the difference.

Having any kind of tank without EPTS is foolish, IMO. If you can run BOTH that and TSS, that is nice, but most builds make you choose one or the other.