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06-19-2009, 10:47 PM
Originally Posted by Azurian View Post
Picture 1: I'm just loving the detail on that Galor. And my props to the artist who did the Badlands. It's beautiful.

Though one point of criticism. You shouldn't be seeing background stars when in the Badlands. After all I don't recall seeing them in DS9 nor Voyager.

Picture 2: Well, the graphics is good. And it looks like personal shields are definitely in. :p

Picture 3: Wow, looks like 8472's are going to be hard to take down.

News: Interesting to hear that Crew Ranks are dependant on yours. (You get a promotion, they get a promotion).
I think we knew everything that was said in the article. I recall previously hearing about the Crew ranks being tied to yours, etc.

I liked the Terrestrial layouts -- better than giant mushrooms or another 'fantasy setting', however I do worry it will be like SWG random PoIs -- which crates and structures placed out in the middle of no where, rather than having some sense of purpose.

Also, I am curious what 'empty' space will look like with a ship. There always seems to be a planet, asteroids, a nebula, etc. Most of space is 'empty' (dark matter excluded), so I hope we are not conically tied to zones littered with stuff.