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Originally Posted by ghostyandfrosty View Post
1: Even with no ranks it still adds a 22 to damage resistance IIRC Fully specced it becomes 28. If possible I would find the points to get Attack Patterns ranked though.

2: Well if you have your weapon power set so that with EPTW1 going to go Over Cap your energy drain will not be as much of an issue. I always also crank my EPS Power to myself.

3: I don't think they are really. I prefer pure Tetryon, or pure Phasers to either because you get 3 properties for the weapon vs 2.

4: I always cycle 2 HE1s on my heal boats. As a healer on a Skilled team, if a panick situation happens like me suddenly being focuse,d it's honestly the job of your allies to put you back together. Everyone chips in, in healing in sto. Or should on a given Skilled Team. in a pug, that's when I crank RSF, and possibly Tac Team.

5: Well if you start carrying the extend shield doff, honestly I've found I don't need RSP. Between that doff, BFI, MW (I often will use it as a shield filler), and RSF things don't scare me as much.

6: ASIF2 boff is okay, ASIF3 is even better. Most of the time when I run ES I only run ES2. So yeah you could swap them out.

7: Flat Reduction. Blue and purple will get you into ETs global. Yeah blues can work till you can score a single purple.

No problem. I enjoy when people ask alot of questions. Sometimes it causes me to rethink something, and then I learn or relearn something I forgot in the process
Ok I feel like I got a lot accomplished today but I'm still not out of the woods. Captain skills respeced with 6 pips in Attack Patterns. BOFFS (4 efficient) all set with agreed upon new powers. Purchased a Purple ES Doff (/gasp 9+ million ECs - Borticus please dont nerf these!), and all set with 2 Purple BFI and 2 Blue Maintenance Engin Doffs. Consoles all purchase (Mk XI blues unfortunately), but I have one last question.

I've decided to stick with Phasers but I don't know with what modifiers. I know this has been addressed in a number of threads (including the debate over Fleet vs Borg weapons) but it's all still confusing to me and I do not know which are the best Phaser BAs to use. Currently have all Borg as they're free, but I don't have enough ECs for even a small number of ACCx3. So what do you suggest? I also have Borg AP Mk XIIs but I don't think thats extremely helpful. Stick with Borg Phasers for now and slowly acquire [Acc]x3? I can craft anything but nothing good (I wish they would fix that). Gettig close; can feel that itch....

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