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# 39 More guild commands?
06-19-2009, 11:18 PM
From the Article..

1UP: Finally, will the player ever have the chance of attaining the rank of Admiral and be put in charge of a fleet of ships, or to become Starfleet Commander?

CZ: Admiral, yes. Commander of Starfleet? I don't know about that. How would you decide which player to put in charge of all of the others?

What about a Guild Command during a major conflict? Every fleet needs a C2 (Command & Control) ship to direct others for a more coordinated attack. Could put some extra commands in there which can utilize group assignment hot keys much like we do for games like Starcraft and ******** single player games. [Select a group of units, ctrl + 1 for group assignment, give attack command for over here...]

That kind of thing.