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Originally Posted by aethon3050 View Post
I've noticed that torpedo spread splashes, and affects nearby targets even if they didn't receive their own cluster of torps. I've been using this to great effect with my Orb Weaver (I only gave up on the Varanus for now because I run STF's a lot, and the lack of a third tactical power really hurts, since STF's force you to run at least one tactical's hoping for a Fleet Varanus that addresses this).

My suggestion:
Plasma torpedo in the front, and a damage console for them. Use spread 1 and 2, along with gravity well 2 and 3. Fit a couple graviton generator consoles to ensure that your targets stay tightly grouped. Then spam torpedo spreads at them. They'll take the kinetic blasts from each others' salvoes along with their own, and the DOT will help with extra hull damage.

If you're looking for a PVP build, that's a different story. I used to run my Varanus quite successfully in PVP (more kills than deaths, decent healing, tons of Ewar, and a lot of damage for a science ship), but I got tired of PVP when it got silly.
That build is exactly what I do do, only I've got universal consoles in he tactical slots
Although I've switched out the Graity well I for a Tractor beam 3. That along with tachyon beam tends to drop a shield facing

I suppose the only way I'm going to get more DPS is to loose some of the shield buff consoles for more power buffing consoles, and drop two of the universal consoles for more Tactical ones

Ok here's a stupid question, is there anyway to buff hte plasma fire burn? As that seems to be my main damage dealer. Will plasma consoles do that?