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# 1 Aegis & Reman Set Updates!
10-08-2012, 09:22 PM
I don't know where I should be posting this. Ever since MACO, Omega Force and Honor Guard item sets got released Aegis got thrown under the space bus. I would like to make an appeal to the devs and anyone else out there. Please update Aegis. It truly needs some love right about now.

I and tons of other players had to work so hard to either craft or find someone in our fleet that has the crafting skill to help us make Aegis. It's a great set, but needs an update.

What I am suggesting is that, since this set is shared by both KDF and Starfleet maybe the devs can add an additional special set ability. I believe this is more than fair. The devs and pick out the additional set ability. The same goes for the Reman set as well. So far we have the following in game:

Breen Absolute Zero = Breen Energy Dissipator
JemHadar = Antiproton Sweep
Omega Force = Gravitic Anchor
MACO = Heavy Graviton Beam
Honor Guard = Mask Energy Field
Assimilated Borg Technology = Assimilated Tractor Beam

All of these effects are amazing in their own right. However, for some reason Aegis and Reman sets got left out of the skill party. Devs please fix this! Only you can make it right.

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