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Originally Posted by stofsk View Post
Hey guys, I thought up some more questions but acknowledge I may not like the answers I expect.

1. Can we get mek'leths at all? On my Fed characters when I do the academy event the klingon holograms that come in are armed with mek'leths, but I have not seen them at all for my klingon character. Is this a 'lol welcome to the KDF; expect to be disappointed at the half-finished nature of it' thing?

2. Why isn't Ty'Gokor in the game? Or... is it in the game and I'm just blind and stupid? If it's NOT in the game... see above. I will say I'm surprised it's not in the game, they have so many trek landmarks already.

3. Not really a question but an observation. I just found out that KDF has a doff assignment to prepare a baked tribble. One of my Fed's got a cannibal tribble on a 'confiscate contraband' assignment and I mailed it to my klingon. Nothing - not blowing up Starfleet ships, raiding peaceful colonies or selling prisoners into slavery - has made me feel more like a ruthless bastard than this.

4. The HG set 2-piece bonus gives +25% dmg to torpedoes. This seems pretty self-explanatory but I was wondering if mines count in that or is it just explicitly torpedoes? The reason being is that I've been experimenting with mines whilst I've been leveling up my character and kind of like the fire-and-forget nature of them.

5. I have in mind a second character, but I'm not sure what class I want to go as. I do have in mind the Vor'cha as the endgame ship, so I figure an engineering character would probably be what I go with. That said, carriers are appealing. Up until now all my characters have been tied to the ship class most suited to their career; my fed tac runs a Defiant, my eng runs a Regent, and my sci runs an Intrepid. My klingon is a tac and runs a BoP. I do know that these class distinctions aren't as strict as some games in the genre, and mixing and matching is not only possible but can lead to interesting results. I should also say I'm more of an RPer than a min/maxer so I don't really care for superduper optimised builds. SO having said all that, I guess what it comes down to is I'm looking at making a 2nd character, career not decided upon, with at least the Vor'cha as one possible endgame ship. Probably an Orion too.

In light of the above, I was interested in the Vor'cha refit particularly for the isometric charge. Is this console at all good for PVE work? (I don't really PVP at all) Stowiki has no information about this, although I haven't done a search for it on the forums. Note that even if it's garbage I might consider getting the ship anyway as a gesture of my support for the faction.

Thanks everyone.
Welcome to the KDF, fellow warrior!

1. Not that I'm aware of

2. Same

3. Kill it first chance you get. The Federation may think they're cute, but we know they're a menace

4. Sorry, just torpedoes

5. Tac would be well suited to the Vor'cha refit, while Engineer is more for the Negh'Var. Sci... well that's best suited for a Bird-of-Prey, or maybe the Varanus (Gorn), or any Carrier.

And speaking of Carriers, you do want to try those out at some point They all turn really slowly, but they are powerful by themselves, and the pet abilities are interesting

Pure Eng can go with the Marauder, but it's hampered a little by only one hanger bay (the others have two). The Vo'Quv is more Sci-oriented, but it has good Tac and Eng abilities as well. The Kar'Fi still has the Sci focus, but it has more Tac abilities.

If you do choose a Carrier, I'd personally recommand the Kar'Fi. It comes with the Phase Shift, which briefly makes you literally untargetable along with granting stealth (sort of like a weaker cloak with a unique effect). Plus, you can equip the powerful Adv. Fer'Jai Frigates from the Dil Store, which constantly launch Chroniton and Tricobolt torpedoes at their target, leaving them slowed and disabled a lot
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