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Originally Posted by mattjohnsonva View Post
He he Levi3, you're mad mate! Are you gonna tell us how much real cash you spent? You're at the same level as our 300 man fleet with over 150 contributors and even there I've spent way too much cash and time.

However well done, an incredible effort, awesome in fact and I doubt anyone will every beat you as a solo fleet.
It can be done, but it does require some extensive time and the occasional real dollar. The real dollar is mainly to invest in zen points to Dilithium conversion, plus to buy keys to sell on the exchange to provide funds for those hard to find Doff's

It is true, that if you are a player with your own Fleet with no additional members, and are a casual player, than you're S.O.L. - That is if you are expecting to make it to at LEAST tier 3 within a year - its not going to happen.

I admit that I am a diehard STO player from the moment I get out of work in the am to the afternoon. Farming Dilithium with many of my alts, and farming doff packs twice a week. However; if I was a super casual player, like most people are who play STO, then I agree it is a very difficult process if you're impatient.

So here is the issue in regards to solo fleets:

A) Casual players with limited amount of Chatacter alts, slow pace Dilithium farming & Weekly Doff farming - Will have a difficult time in progressing quickly. Can be done, but will be extremely slow (The 1yr or 2yrs estimation kind to even reach tier2) - This is especially true if you're a Silver player.

B) REAL Money at play - Some folks are able to have that extra spending cash than others - this is very much true. There is even a rumor that one player keeps buying $15,000.00 dollars U.S. worth of zen just to control the Dilithium market. If that is true (which I find hard to believe) Than that individual is insanely rich or a complete utter fool.

The thing is that some folks are well off in real life that they are able to spend $5 dollars to several hundred dollars on a weekly basis. In my case I spend $15 to 20 a month, which is around the same price I would be paying if I was a gold Subscriber - I am gold but of the LIFER kind.

C) Its all about how many alts you own - The more alts the more Doff and Dilithium to Zen exchange you will have, its that simple. The only thing that you need to concern about is acquiring the huge amounts of commodities such as shield batteries, phaser heavy turret sat etc... the stuff that real currency cannot buy.

So it is possible to reach tier 3 within 3 or 4 months with dedication, many many alts, and the occasional $5 or $10 dollars a week or month, however; reaching tier 4 and above is an entirely different story.

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