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10-09-2012, 02:40 AM
I love Excalibur Class (real)

That real "Super Battleship" Class, but have others informations :

■Comissioned: 2382-
■Crew: 1,650
■Mass: 7,432,000 metric tons
■Role: Battleship/Explorer

■Length: 2,100m
■Width: 863m
■Height: 295m
■Decks: 78

■18 Type XV Phaser Arrays:
■10 Class III Pulse Phaser Turrets: 165,000 TW output
■2 Rapid Fire Quantum Torpedo Tubes
■4 Pulse Fire Quantum Torpedo Tubes
■3 Type IV Burst Fire Photon Torpedo Tubes: 1,200 rounds

■Regenerative Shields: 7,875,000 TJ capacity
■22cm Ablative Armor

Warp Speeds
■Class utilizes quantum slipstream drive.