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10-09-2012, 03:08 AM
I read these threads and laugh quietly to myself-the KDF is behind the Feds across the board-the only place we MATCH them in terms of ship quality at the same level (instead of being roughly a step DOWN) is cruisers.

It's the PLAYER that is making the difference here-not the ships, and sure as hell not the goodies that go with. Play KDF long enough, you either learn how to squeeze every erg of advantage, or you end up getting rolled, becuase the other side's gear is just...flat...better.

Better hull, better shields, better base engine, better weapons procs, more guns, pick any three, and at the same "Tier" the Federation's offerings have more of it. A cruiser that can turn better, you say?

Yah, but it's still a CRUISER. You say the Raptor's turn rates are comparable to escorts? but the pivot means it's still going to lose a turning fight against a FedScort captain that's even HALF awake at the same 'tier' of technology.

You bring up the Battlecloak? ever heard of mines? Mines don't ignore cloaked targets, and apply their damage straight to hull because shields are down, Feds have science ships, makes getting within 5km while cloaked an invitation to be target practice...against unshielded hull, and once OUT of Cloak, against a same-tier FedScort you've got a 2 salvo average survival time, and as for the spike in output from decloaking, well...that's still short of what a FedScort can do all the time if he's using matching consoles.

and then...there's the Fleet ships, and esp. comparing Fleet Defiant to Fleet ANYTHING KDF side-it's faster, turns tighter, has more guns, more shields, more hull than ANYTHING comparable (pick any three of those, at best) KDF side.

If you and your team are getting rolled by KDF players, it's probably the operator, not the equipment-our gear's not as good, special consoles not as powerful, hulls a good deal weaker, shields (even on the STF rewards level) not as good, etc. etc.

One would almost think, looking at stats and availability, that it was the FEDERATION that builds nothing but warships, and the KDF whom were the "Explorers with guns".