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10-09-2012, 03:08 AM
Okay I've got the mission to "Explore Strange New Worlds". But there is no continuation to explore 3 systems in a star cluster. What it says in my mission log is this:

I, Lieutenant Hana, or one of the other exploration contacts can direct you to the star clusters where the Federation has limited or no information about distance areas of space. Carry out our mission of exploration and expand the boundaries of the Federation's knowledge.

o Complete an Exploration Tour

Accept a mission to explore 3 systems in a star cluster, then report in after you complete the exploration.

After you except the "Explore Strange New Worlds" mission from Lieutenant Grall he is no longer in Available Missions. So there in no where to accept explore 3 systems in a star cluster from him. As for Lieutenant Hana, I haven't been able to find this NPC.

So do I just drop this Mission? Can it be taken again?