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06-20-2009, 03:39 AM
Originally Posted by Avenger_Dragon View Post
Galor- YES!

Ground Combat- YES!

8472- Ye..... Wha?...really?
8472 in armor- ..... *Scratches head* Are you sure?....
8472 In alpha quadrant vs Cardassians- That's it! *throws arms up* i'm gonna go join my DnD group and use my Half-Orc monk

Over all good stuff, It will take some time to accept 8472 depending on how they are implemented. But they should not (my apologies paulo999) even be considered as playable. They're too badass for PC characters. TO make them playable would mean to nerf them down in the name of "balance" and this is the one race that made VOY plausible.
lol they probablly wont be but i can live in hope but for even suggesting that is evil blashemy.