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Quick question, I'm a relatively n00bish Klingon player, my tactical has just hit Lieutenant General and is due his new ship, he has the veteran token available.

Which ships are eligible with the veteran token, and which would be a good fit for the tactical class?
You should be able to copy him over to tribble a few times and try the ships yourself

i think the LG token only unlocks the chang's bird of prey, the varanus, the kar'fi carrier, the orion flight deck marauder. it wont do every LG ship.

of those options the bird of prey and the kar'fi are the best picks for a tac.

the bird of prey is a bit weak and its ability to fire while cloaked is somewhat of a novelty at first but not that practical (although it can be used to great effect in pvp at times), for me the best choice is the kar'fi. it is quite tac based and its great fun and a really interesting ship to fly.

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