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10-09-2012, 04:18 AM
Lots of good advice here, but the way I read it, your problem starts when you start fighting Rebecca?

First condition when fighting rebecca, is that noone on your team runs around aggroing borgs randomly. If they do, you don't have a chance.

I usually like to crouch on a pipe near one of the platforms. I carry a HD rifle, and the MACO Sniper rifle. If a drone near me on my platform aggros, i raise up, shoot it with the HD, and crouch again. Then it will most likely have lost line of fire. The same if the centre drones aggro on me. Push them out of range with HD rifle.

That said, if rebecca gets stuck on you, you will die without heals. Just put in as much damage as you can before you die, and hope your teammates do the same. If you're hitting her hard enough, she will die before you.

I prefer the Fire Team kit, because of the increased damage, and because of Supressing Fire, that reduces you enemys damage output a lot!