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First the disclaimer. This is not a rant. This is statement of observations.

I have my own opinion about the balance issues between Federation and Klingon sides of the game. I am curious to know your opinion on the matter. Please post what you think and please no flaming people for how they feel.

My own experience is that Klingon's have the hands down advantage in PvP. Having played both I can say that my Klingon character and the advantages it has is far easier to get kills with than my Federation main. Way easier to survive when you can battle cloak not to mention the extra damage buff when coming out of cloak, granted only lasts 5 seconds but that is all it takes to destroy a ship when you have a decked out bird of prey. The biggest advantage that I have is the insane turn rate these things have. I am usually twice as fast (or feels like it anyway) as a Defiant in the turn rate. Add the evasive maneuvers and the slightest touch to my "steering wheel" and I just did a 180. It turns so fast I actually have a hard time keeping it on target when hitting evasive maneuvers is on. The only ship that has given me problems is the Jem Hadar attack ship. That thing is basically a fleet level ship.

Federation side I have 2 options for keeping up with the turn rate (not counting the Jem Hadar ship, that's available to both sides) Either load up a Defiant with RCS consoles and sacrifice survivability or use MVAM in Beta mode with an RCS console. Then I manage to barley keep up. Oh and yeah neither one can battle cloak.

Now I noticed that yes the Klingons lose a bridge officer slot for the battle cloak and the most weapons that a bird of prey at least can load is 4 for and 2 aft. Ok so I lose 1 turret in the back that is only doing minimal damage anyway and I think 2 skill slots. If you can just hide in plain sight you don't need them.

It just feels to me like I drop 10% effectiveness from standard but gain 80% advantage in combat if not more.

Oh and so you know where I come from I play tacs on both sides and fly escort or Bird of Prey with Escort build for Boff powers.

(Side note seems a common opinion of people that I have talked to in game say that Klingons get all the cool weapons and abilities so people will play them. Honestly it does feel that way to me.)

So let me know what you think.
Thanks, kitsune1977, for some interesting observations. In my experience, individual ship strengths and weaknesses are rarely ever the deciding factor in a PvP match. The deciding factor in almost all PvP is teamwork, coordination, and communication. This is possible to achieve, even in a PUG. One just needs somebody to step up and take leadership (call shots, share heals, etc.).

Character build is also quite important of course.

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