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Originally Posted by husanakx View Post
Not really... you are assuming that its in there best interest to have you only play one toon. That is really not the case.

The devs don't want you to only have one toon they want you to roll many toons.

That should be clear with the move to Per toon unlocks... and Per toon ships.
Hm, maybe that's correct.

The devs know full well that STO will NOT be bringing in new players anymore.
Of course it will. Star Trek is an extremely popular IP, and still creating new fans many years after the last new show aired. And there will be new shows eventually, creating new interest in old and new fans.

And besides, I doubt every Star Trek fan out there who might enjoy this game even knows that it exists yet.

[...]STO is at the point in its lifespan where more players leave then are brought in.
I don't believe that until I see any hard cold numbers. Just because some of PvPers (for reasons known) left and some people are on the usual hiatus between seasons, doesn't mean most of those people who don't login once per day are gone or won't spend money.

It is with that in mind that they have started moving to per toon items ect.
Actually, I think that is just common sense. While I greatly enjoy my per-account unlocks, I never really understood how this could be economically viable in the first place.

Bottom line Soph be a good consumer and go roll an alt.
I am quite happy with my seven toons right now - I'll do three more when they open up the Romulans.
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