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10-09-2012, 06:48 AM
Originally Posted by podlex View Post
omg dude now I have been regretting this apple thing mackbook pro lap i7 forever it seems and all i had to do was search the forum to find that utility windskin ... ,, I am downloading and installing - they even have a picture of the sto character creation screen at wineskin

If there are problems with the install/download/running I will be back to this corner of the forum
really old picture on the website.. I haven't updated those in a couple years... but yeah, the one is a really old STO shot :-P Have some Baldurs gate and Neverwinter Nights and a Might and Magic shot.... all RPGs, guess you can tell I like RPGs :-)

Just post if you have problems... you will probably have random crashes... not much I've been able to do about those, but it works good most of the time. It also may take like 10 minutes to do a log in after a patch... sitting on the Loading screen... annoying, but shouldn't happen again until you get another patch.