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B) REAL Money at play - Some folks are able to have that extra spending cash than others - this is very much true. There is even a rumor that one player keeps buying $15,000.00 dollars U.S. worth of zen just to control the Dilithium market. If that is true (which I find hard to believe) Than that individual is insanely rich or a complete utter fool.

This IS not a rumour as such I believe. Someone is controling the dilth market. Since I have been around I have never seen it as constant to 1 point all day long as it has been recently. With almost equal amounts on the sell and buy side. Watch real markets and this dilth market this does not occur without manipulation. It's too static, to regular, to even - does not happen in a un-manipulated market.

Who is doing this? Is it one person or a few or is it Cryptic? But for sure it is just to stable with no price swings intra-day to be natural.