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10-09-2012, 07:10 AM
Are you waiting for the Romulan faction to be released in ST0? So, are we. Do you prefer the Romulan faction over any other faction in Star Trek, so do we. If secrecy, espionage and sabotage is your style of game play, then join us over at the IRF.

Whether you are a casual Romulan fan, or an alright enthusiast, there is a place in the IRF for you! Although a playable Romulan faction in STO, does not yet exist, why not get grounded in a Romulan faction now.

The IRF has been in existence since the first day that STO launched back in Feb 2010. Although no content for a playable Romulan faction yet exists, we have, and do keep hope that one day it will. Join the IRF now, and get plugged in to a community who makes playing and being a Romulan, to the next level.