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Originally Posted by lyran2 View Post
Here's the question: should I dismiss my original high ranking "white" BOFFs and replace them with the 5 that I just mentioned? I haven't spent any more xp so I'm assuming that, as a Vice Admiral, I've got a ton of xp to spend on these new BOFFs.

1. You'll have more than enough "XP" to skill up dozens of BOFFs at VA.

2. If you use the BOFFs for space combat, only a few traits matter, basically the "Efficient" one. And Leadership, if it ever gets properly bugfixed. But white BOFFs will be very very nearly as good as the "best" purple setup.

3. If you use the BOFFs for ground combat, then yes, replace them. Ground traits matter a LOT. The only reason to go purple is because the traits they get access to tend to be more powerful versions. BOFF *POWERS* don't matter - you can retrain them. You can't retrain traits. The first thing I do upon starting a new character is pickup four purple BOFFs with an optimum setup of ground traits for that character.

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