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Originally Posted by levi3 View Post
Didn't one of the Dev's say that the cap for dilth would be in the 1-2 million range? They certainly blew that quote into a billion pieces of dilth!!
Yes, Heretic had said that tentatively the Tier 5 starbase upgrade project would be 1.25 million dilithium (and that active projects at that tier would cost around 30,000 dilithium with upgrades about 3x that). Currently the Tier 4 starbase upgrade project (that is, not counting the shipyard, fabricator, array, etc.) is 1.9 million dilithium and the dilithium costs are approximately tripling per tier (note, Tier 4 shipyard/fabricator/etc is 900k dilithium). Just the Tier 3 active projects have dilithium costs in ballpark of 54,000 dilithium.

Tentative dilithium costs as of June 6, 2012:
Tier 1 starbase upgrade: 22,000
Tier 5 starbase upgrade: 1,250,000
Tier 5 shipyard/comm array/fabricator: ~90,000
Active projects at lowest tier: 3,700
Active projects at max tier: ~30,000

Actual dilithium costs:
Tier 1 starbase upgrade: 64,800
Tier *4* starbase upgrade; 1,900,000
Tier *4* shipyard/comm array/fabricator: 900,000
Active projects at lowest tier: 10,000
Tier *3* Active projects: ~54,000

To be fair to Heretic, he did say it was the "subject-to-change Dilithium cost" but c'mon? That's no small tweak.
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