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Originally Posted by rodentmaster View Post
No need to replace them. They were "white" when you got them -- meaning very basic skills were pre-trained on them. The color quality just means increasingly rarer pre-trained skills on those boffs. If you've already got them retrained many times over to help you set up your ship at the VA level then you are all set.

The only other issue would be to change the sex of the boff, or the species. Say you want all Andorian away teams, or whatnot. Then you could get any boff of that type and re-train them to be identical to the one they are replacing.

Other than that, there is no inherrent "better" quality of a boff's performance based on the color of the boff quality.
This is incorrect.

Originally Posted by maelwy5 View Post
1. You'll have more than enough "XP" to skill up dozens of BOFFs at VA.

2. If you use the BOFFs for space combat, only a few traits matter, basically the "Efficient" one. And Leadership, if it ever gets properly bugfixed. But white BOFFs will be very very nearly as good as the "best" purple setup.

3. If you use the BOFFs for ground combat, then yes, replace them. Ground traits matter a LOT. The only reason to go purple is because the traits they get access to tend to be more powerful versions. BOFF *POWERS* don't matter - you can retrain them. You can't retrain traits. The first thing I do upon starting a new character is pickup four purple BOFFs with an optimum setup of ground traits for that character.
This is correct.

IMO Superior Lucky on a Sci boff set up with multiple AoE exposes will make a noticeable difference keeping your exploit on cooldown. Telekinetic is a nice second trait for the Sci exposer since it applies to most of the abilities they'll be using anyway. Superior Creative is what I try to get for a healer.