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10-09-2012, 08:23 AM
I'll add my voice to this argument as well.

The Aegis set, is a nice set for those who do not do STFs and are solo players.

The set really does need some updating... either a new power through crafting, DOff assignments or maybe the upcoming Reputation system, or by buffing the abilities a LITTLE bit.

Let the engines grant a small bonus to warp speed in Sector space, the shields are nice, and so is the deflector.

I haven't seem the stats for the Reman set in a long time, not since they made it that you have to do the Vault Event to get data logs to get the engines and deflector.

But, the Aegis seems to be lacking a little with the changing times. With all the new sets being introduced, it kind of has fallen by the wayside and been ignored.

I know there are those out there that have stated in other posts that it shouldn't getting anything because it is craftable. I'm not a MMO expert or veteran, STO is my first MMO, and the reason I'm playing is because it is Star Trek themed.

But, there should be a way for us solo players to get a little bit of an upgrade on this set, as it is one, if not the only set we can get.

I know, I know, it is available on the Exchange for the right amount of ECs, so make it bind so it can't be put up on the Exchange, I don't mind. I have two toons that both crafted it from the ground up. Neither of them bought it. I grinded the dilithium to get the unreplicated materials, and grinded the Zenas Expanse to get yellow/orange anamolies for it.

Now, I have another toon, that is about 400 crafting points away from being able to craft the set.

Just a little something... please.