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10-09-2012, 09:36 AM
I Love the Reman set but it does suffer from having the lack of a "complete kit power" even with out one though when upgraded it could easily stand on parr with the MACO, Omega and KHG sets, I have never used or seen an Aegis set but they seem to be some what of a whispered legend. (for the record I'm not saying that i think they don't exist i know you get them via crafting).
Also i agree the Jem set needs a way to get mk XII , an event like the vault could be a good way to do this one where you have to use your shuttle to fight threw the wormhole to clear out some Alpha/ True way Jem forces.
I think 60 data's to get XII V.rare is abit much considering 4 is about the max you can get an hour and half the time people mess up the event.