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I join a fleet. Im at 180k fleet credits contributed towards the starbase. The fleet is almost tier 3. And these arent easy credits. Im not on when the projects flip. So i dont the expertise and fleet mark points. This is doff huntin and buying the consumables.

Anywho. A little over a month almost 2 tiers and guess who still isnt given access to purchase items. Yeah this guy. That is what is broken. I would rather start my own and take time to work for the items than bust my arse and them beg someone to let me get the items. Just to be denied.
Well when my Tier 3 solo is completed in 14 days i will be recruiting people who want to join a pretty much leaderless fleet - I am just a doffer now and building the base that is it. Anyone who reads my post knows that I am pretty non-conformist to put it mildly. I am really against the king of the castle type fleets. That said the people jioning my fleet from tier 3 onward will have to know that this is going to be small - no more than 10 people - and the solo objective at this point is to build the starbase and nothing else.

I figure if I can make it to T3 by myself, than 10 people should have no problem completing it within the next year. I also don't think provisions should be restricted as long as the person contributes. Of course keeping the fleet size to 10 with the requirements to T4 each person will end up with more than a million easy. I think I have 35 ship provisions - and I only want a couple defiants - the starbase and shipyard will just collect dust without anyone else.