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10-09-2012, 10:03 AM
I haven't done PvP involving Klingons, but I can say that it sure looks like the KDF has superior ships in most categories - possibly by a considerable margin. Their cruisers are quicker and have a lot better/more firepower (except the Bortas, which is admittedly even more of a slug than the Odyssey - which is an achievement in itself in a bizarre sort of way). This is not helped by the fact that it seems like whenever any goodie the KDF brushes against is permitted to the Feds in even limited form, it is immediately declared the one and only thing that the KDF has ever had and ever will have that has any appeal to new players whatsoever and the entire faction will spontaneously combust within an hour of the feature/item's Fed-side release.

I will admit that the KDF has a severe deficiency in terms of science ships, but that doesn't seem to be a huge impediment, since it seems that most people use cruisers or escorts, anyway, and they definitely have better carriers (which are kinda-sorta science ships). That said, I do feel for the science fans on the KDF side, and hope that this is rectified in the future.

I am aware that many cite the Federation's "non-militaristic" philosophy as a reason for slower, under-powered ships, but unfortunately in STO that just translates to "gross disadvantage," and really, after the Dominion, the Borg, the resurgance of the Klingons as foes in the Dominion war AND now, and the ever-constant threat of the Romulans, that the Federation would begin to realize that they can't pretend enemies don't exist and think that goodwill will make them go away.

Then again, I could see the Federation being utterly incapable of learning, like so many RL governments.